Complete guide on how to play table tennis in Metro Cebu Table Tennis League (MECTTEL-JOTTC) in Cebu City

By Roel Comporal
November 24, 2023
Training Table at Metro Cebu Table Tennis League

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This is a guide on how to play table tennis in MECTTEL-JOTTC. Majority of table tennis enthusiasts in Cebu City play in the club located in Sambag 2, Urgello Cebu City.

This club can be hard to find and that’s why we wrote this article. If you are already familiar with this club and know its location and considering playing here for the first time, this guide is for you.

We will talk about the club’s entrance fee, schedule, equipments, finding trainers, and what to expect in general when you play.


(1) Arriving at Madame Apartelle

MECTELL-JOTTC is located at 4th Floor Madame Apartelle Corner Asuncion and Uytengsu St Cebu City. Below is a screenshot of the building façade, entrance, and the reception area.

Building Facade Madame Apartelle 1

Building Facade, Madame Apartelle

Ground Entrance Metro Cebu Table Tennis League

Ground Entrance

Madame Apartelle Reception


(2) Entrance fee and playing schedule

At the reception, you will have to pay an entrance fee of 40 pesos if you are a student and 60 pesos if you are a professional. You will be asked to write down your name and signature at the reception.

The table tennis sports center opens at 9 am and close at 9 pm. The entrance fee you paid is already for unlimited play for the entire day, meaning you can start playing at 9 am and go out at 9 pm. 

Note that this pricing and schedule can change. We will do our best to update these fees and schedule to the best of our ability. 

Reception with attendant Jaycee

Reception with attendant

Registration Form MECTELL Cebu

Registration form to fill up

Stairs going to MECTTEL at 4th floor

Stairs going to the club

(3) Equipments (tables, rackets and balls)

Once you have registered and paid at the reception, you may now proceed at the fourth floor where the tables are located.

 As of this writing, there are five tables where each table comes already with a net. There are hobby rackets available at the reception for rent but there only a few of them and they could also be rented out by other players. It is recommended that you bring your own racket and pingpong balls.

There are table tennis equipments for sale available at the reception. Just ask the reception for assistance.

PPO Sports Madame Apartelle Outlet

Table tennis equpments for sale available at the reception from Pingpong Outlet

(4) Expectations

The club peaks around 4-9 pm on weekdays and Saturdays.  High availability of tables is usually in the morning and early afternoon on weekdays and on Sundays. 

There are rare cases when the club becomes full of players during peak hours so the earlier you arrive at the location the better.

Training Table at Metro Cebu Table Tennis League

Training Table at MECTELL Cebu

Pantry Area MECTELL

Pantry Area at MECTTEL

(5) Trainers and training sessions

There are freelance table tennis trainers available at the club. Most of them you can hire on a per hour rate and per appointment basis. Currently three of the most active trainers are coach Tata, Andres and Elias.  There are very approachable trainers so if you want to improve and level up your skills don’t hesitate to approach any of them.

coach andres mectell cebu

Coach Andres

Contact Andres here

coach neilben carreon

Coach Tata

Contact Tata here

Elias Sarmiento Table Tennis Trainer Cebu Philippines

Coach Elias

Contact Elias here

At the time of this writing, these are currently the most active freelance trainers at MECTTEL. You can find more freelancer table tennis trainers here 

That’s pretty much about playing at MECTTEL Cebu. The club has been around for 12 years so its close-knit table tennis community.

If you have any questions, just drop it at the comment section below.


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