How to go to Metro Cebu Table Tennis League (MECTTEL) in Cebu City

By Roel Comporal
November 24, 2023

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Metro Ceb Table Tennis (MECTELL) venue

MECTELL-JOTTC located at 4th floor Madame Apartelle  corner Asuncion and Utengsu St. Sambag 2, Cebu City. 

For most people who is not familiar with downtown Cebu, this place can be a tricky to find. Here are some tips on how to get here.

(1) If you are riding a public utility vehicle, the jeepney or bus number that goes by here is 01K. Unfortunately, if you tell the bus or jeepney driver to drop you to Madame Apartelle or MECTELL/JOTTC they probably no idea where that is. 

There are two landmark locations that most drivers are guaranteed to be familiar with, namely Sacred Heart Hospital and Cebu Bradford School in Urgello. So, if you are riding a 01K bus/jeepney, you can ask the driver or his assistant to drop you to Sacred Heart Hospital or Cebu Bradford School. After you get dropped to any of these two landmarks, you can ask the local people around where the table tennis center is. If you ask 2-3 people where the club, it is highly likely you get a positive response.

The table tennis center is literally 5-10 meters from either of these two landmarks. 

(2) If you riding a taxi, it’s a lot easier. Just tell the taxi driver to drop you either and Sacred Heart Hospital or Cebu Bradford School in Urgello Cebu City.

(3) Whether you ride a bus/jeepney or a taxi, the club is located at the fourth floor of Madame Apartelle. Please check the building below for the building façade. 

Building Facade Madame Apartelle 1
Building Facade Madame Apartelle 3

Building Facade Madame Apartelle , Cebu City

On how to play table tennis at MECTTEL-JOTTC , please check on this guide.


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