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[Sticky] Best Content Creators for Table Tennis Tutorials

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Let's make this thread helpful for the Filipino table tennis communities specially the beginners. Let's make it so that people can easily follow the best table tennis content creators at the same time reward them with traffic from our site.

*Please be aware that there are Youtube and Facebook channel who just uploads other people's content or video clips from tournaments. We want to credit only the real creators and not those who just centralized videos from the original creators.


Here's the format:

(1) Name of content creator

(2) Platform/s used (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc) along with the channel or social name

(3) Country of Origin

(4) If possible give a little background of the content creator and their content

(5) Link to one of their popular content


I'll give an example here you could follow along.

(1) Ti Long 

(2) Youtube : Ti Long Club Professional Table Tennis Training

     Facebook: Ti Long Table Tennis 


(3) Vietnam

(4) Great demonstration of concepts. Clear instructions and command of English. Every content you learn something new you could add to your arsenal.

(5) 7 BACKHAND FLICK styles that make the opponent surprised 

Roel Comporal
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*No really sure his name. All his post in Chinese characters. 

(1) lxpp066

(2)  Facebook: lxpp066

(3) China (I guess)


(4) He has lot of multi-balls and drills tutorials. Even though he speaks Chinese you kinda get what he means because of his gestures and demonstrations.


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(1) tabletennisskillschn

(2)  Instagram: tabletennisskillschn

(3) China


(4) Really good explanations. This instagram page is a gem



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